The New School Year

October 30, 2009

So its time to start blogging again ……so the theme of this post is  ……books that make you go AH! In true Sacred Heart style I will get the ball rolling a book that made me go AHHHH  was ‘what I did this summer’  It is an American book and tells the doubtful tale of  a boys summer holidays….a great text for writing future fantasy stories….so people what book has made you go AHHH this year?

Summer is clearly underway in the UK.

August 7, 2009


easy reading ....
easy reading ….

Take a walk in the country and find a great spot to be caught reading …..



June 16, 2009

What books will be making it onto your summer reading list

Private Peaceful?

George’s Marvellous Medicine?

Leave us a comment and let us know bloggers!

Michael Morpurgo Month

March 18, 2009

 Ok people get reading, we all need to get a Morpurgo book ….read it…and come write a review…below are some interesting facts about the author…do any of you have other things to add?

10 Facts About Michael Morpurgo

Michael Morpurgo, who has written several classic children’s books, is one of the most well-loved children’s authors.

(1) Michael Morpurgo was born in St Albans in 1943.

(2) His favourite lesson at school was French.
(3) With his wife, Clare, Michael Morpurgo founded the Farms for City Children, to give children from deprived inner-city schools the chance to work on a farm.
(4) Sitting at a desk gives Michael Morpurgo backache, so he writes his novels sitting on his bed. He writes in school exercise books.
(5) Private Peaceful was the 100th book written by Michael Morpurgo.
(6) His favourite authors are: Robert Louis Stevenson (Treasure Island), Rudyard Kipling (The Just So Stories) and Ted Hughes (The Iron Man).

(7) In 2003 Michael Morpurgo became the third Children’s Laureate.
(8) Micheal Morpurgo was a primary school teacher in Kent.

(9) He was awarded the OBE (Officer of the Order of the British Empire) in 2006

(10) He hates rewriting and he hates making corrections to his stories.

WORLD BOOK DAY March 5th 2009

March 3, 2009

Hi there Reading Club and world at large,

so World Book Day is upon us once again… have organised a lot of events many of which Reading Club are running.  In the morning there will be Reading Club story tellers in the hall…dress in character it could be fun!!!!!

Teachers will all change classes, we know how much you all enjoy hearing stories from someone who is not your teacher.

From 11am each class will run a book day activity

Year 2 – making puppets of favourite book characters

Year 3 – Acting out traditional stories

Year4 – Create your own bookmarks

Year 5 – Draw potraits of your favourite characters

Year 6 – Design a poster for a book in the ICT room

the afternoon will have book quizzes. a puppet show …some diabolical acting from Slammer Jammers drama club concluding with a paper chase


Books to America

January 6, 2009

Happy New Year

In 2009 we will be sending books to Mr Lund’s class in America.  What do you think will be the best read?

Select some books and give your reason for choosing them , it can be one or three.

Do American  children enjoy the same books as us, tell me what you think

Harry Potter , will he stand the test of time?

October 1, 2008

J.K.Rowlings has decided that she will not write any more books in the Harry Potter saga how do you feel about this?

 Are you a lover or hater of Potter?

 Do you think in a 100 years from now children will be still reading Harry Potter or do you think the Potter books are firmly locked in the here and now? …..lets have a debate !

Chilling out in reading club!

September 18, 2008

reading is fun!Lots of new readers ….taking it easy…reading and discussing all the different texts in book club…..nice to see so many new faces…..I think it would be nice to have a reading activity table what do you think?  You could make your own book marks and design covers let me know what you think….

Welcome back readers!

September 10, 2008

So summer is officially over but with all the rain who could really tell?  A new year of reading club has begun ….what new books are in store for us this year I wonder?????  I have been out and about school catching people reading…..including the caretaker and the head teacher… fun!!  Welcome back for a new year I hope we have a jolly good reading time

Mrs C.